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​"How To Make Absolutely Sure Your Meat, Milk And Medicines Stay Safe And Cool In Any Power Outage!"

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Refrigeration Tips, Tricks And Secrets
For Keeping Your Food And Medicine Safe
And Cool In Any Power Outage!

Hi, my name is Bill Heid and I’m editor-at-large of one of the leading websites in the world for practical information on living and surviving in hard times (economic and otherwise). There are about 10,000 articles on living off-the-grid and becoming more self-reliant.

 In a few minutes, I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on this brand new information… but first… let me reveal a small sample of the all the tips, tricks and secrets you will discover in it…

  • How to cut your refrigerator’s power consumption by as much as 90%!
  • Why off-the-gridders may want to consider purchasing a refrigerator that runs exclusively on DC (direct current) electricity!

  • 2 reasons why downsizing your refrigerator to conserve energy is not necessarily the best idea!

  • The ultimate refrigerator for preppers living off-the-grid!  (These machines are truly the cream of the crop… using less than half the energy and lasting up to 60% longer than normal energy-efficient machines.  

  • Also, they generate little heat or noise, run less frequently than other models… and… preserve food up to three times longer!)

  • The pros and cons of propane refrigerators for off-the-grid living!  (Yes, you’ll still be somewhat dependent… but… there are some benefits you may want to consider before you dismiss this alternative to electrical refrigeration.)

  • A simple 14-point action plan that will help ensure your refrigerator is delivering the optimum in low energy consumption cooling performance!

  • Why you shouldn’t use the drawers in your fridge to store food unless you have to!
    How long you should—and safely can—leave food out before putting it into cold storage!  (This is important not just from a health and safety standpoint… but also… because it saves energy since your fridge isn’t always working overtime to cool hot foods.)

  • How to use your frozen foods to actually reduce your refrigerator’s workload!

  • A neat trick that, if you live in a northern latitude, will give you free refrigeration… at least during the winter months!  (And actually, if you have a large freezer with some extra room, you can do this year-round.)

  • How to quickly test your sealing gasket—the long rubber strip around your refrigerator door—for cold air leaks and perform maintenance if necessary!  (A simple thing, really, but something that can cause a significant amount of extra energy use over time.)

  • The advantages and disadvantages of manual defrost refrigerators!

  • A twice-a-year, 5-minute routine that can boost your fridge’s efficiency by as much as 30%!

  • A simple strategy that allows you to safely shut off your refrigerator 56 to 70 hours per week!

  • How you can build your own old-fashioned ice box that essentially gives you free refrigeration!

  • How—if you live in a dry climate—you can use evaporation cooling for the purposes of refrigeration!  (Again, essentially giving you free refrigeration!)

  • The Holy Grail of do-it-yourself cooling technology!  (Albert Einstein actually patented a design for one of these devices on November 11, 1930.)

  • A source of free backup electrical power that is 100% immune to government interference or ownership!  (Easy setup.  Completely silent.  No toxic fumes.  Maintenance free.  This is the first off-the-grid power-generation breakthrough in 50 years!)

  • And quite a bit more!

​As soon as you read this report (it’s short and to the point), you will have all the knowledge and resources you need to ensure your food and medicine stay safe and cool in any power outage… and… save hundreds of dollars a year on refrigeration costs from now on!

This truly is insider information that every safety and energy-conscious American should have.

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